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August 2021 Release Notes Hero Image

August 2021 Release Notes: Better Group Management

By The Instant Church Directory Team | August 11, 2021

You’ll see a few changes to the website over the next few weeks as we get ready to launch the new Group Management features!  Read more to see what’s coming […]

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July 2021 Release Notes: New Features for Mobile App & Online Members’ Website

By The Instant Church Directory Team | July 13, 2021

We’re excited to share the latest round of improvements to the Mobile Apps and the Online Members’ website. Check out these great new features … NOW AVAILABLE: View your Pastor […]

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Respecting Privacy in Your Church Member Directory

By Stephanie Martin | June 10, 2021

Keeping current with church members and their often-changing contact information is one of the many benefits of maintaining an easy-to-update photo directory. These days, personal data is more valuable than ever, which means […]

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Tips for talking to your church about moving to an online directory.

By Donna Hammond | June 4, 2021

Now more than ever, having accurate and handy contact information for your church members is imperative. We’ve seen how online and electronic communication options have made it possible to keep […]

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Church phone tree diagram

How to Build a Phone Tree

By Donna Hammond | April 28, 2021

Having a church directory is a great way to enable your church community members to easily communicate with each other. But how can you share sensitive information with your entire […]

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Scam Alert

Don’t Take the Bait: Watch Out for “Whaling” Scams

By The Instant Church Directory Team | March 16, 2021

For the past few years, churches and pastors have been the target of scammers who try to take advantage of the openness and generosity that characterize religious communities. The schemes […]

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Winning Instant Church Directory Cover Design

2021 Directory Cover Design Contest Winners

By The Instant Church Directory Team | February 25, 2021

We recently asked members to submit their beautiful church directory covers for a chance to win a free year of Instant Church Directory. Not only were we blown away by […]

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Stay Connected During Difficult Times

Staying Connected During Difficult Times

By The Instant Church Directory Team | January 30, 2021

We’ve learned an important lesson: The Church is people, not a building! Henry G. Brinton When we originally posted this blog back in July 2020, we had no idea that […]

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Clear lightbulb on black background

Our Best Church Directory Ideas

By Donna Hammond | January 25, 2021

The internet provides a plethora of church directory ideas. A quick search on Pinterest alone will return quite a few clever solutions for creating a church directory. You will see […]

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Christmas Watercolor Scripture Cards For Churches

FREE Christmas Cards to Spread Christmas Cheer

By The Instant Church Directory Team | December 10, 2020

We, at Instant Church Directory, are pleased to share with our blog readers a special gift for the Christmas season – free, downloadable Christmas cards from our sister publication, ChurchArt […]

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Add Maps Diagrams To Your Church Directory

Adding Maps or Diagrams to Your Church Directory

By Kristen Greene | November 30, 2020

Even in a world of GPS and smartphones, a printed map is still an invaluable tool for your church. Although GPS may get a visitor or member to your building, it will not help guide […]

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6695 ICD Blog Post About Groups

Using Groups in Your Church Directory

By The Instant Church Directory Team | October 22, 2020

A church body is more than just a single organization. The church body is often made up of smaller organizations that vary in their functions. They help the church meet its obligations […]

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5 Signs Your Church Directory Needs Updating

5 Signs Your Church Directory Needs Updating

By John Burns | August 27, 2020

It doesn’t take long for a printed church directory to get out of date. Despite the notion that congregations are often resistant to change, some things change rapidly in churches […]

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Tips For Getting Members Ready For Church Directory Photos

10 Tips for Getting Your Members Ready for Directory Photos

By Kristen Greene | June 23, 2020

The faces of the church members captured in photos are the highlight of any church directory. One of the biggest benefits of a church photo directory is putting names with […]

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Church Directory Release Notes New Features To Send Emails

June 2020 Release Notes: New Features for Broadcast News

By The Instant Church Directory Team | June 3, 2020

Check out these great new features and changes to Broadcast News! View Quick Message by Drafts, Scheduled and Sent At the bottom of your Broadcast and Send News screen you […]

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Instant Church Directory Printed Samples

Creating a Printed Church Directory

By Donna Hammond | May 14, 2020

Even in a world full of electronic devices, some of your members may still enjoy holding a paper directory in their hands. So, having the option to create a printed […]

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Instant Church Directory May 2020 Release Notes Blog Image

May 2020 Release Notes: Changes to Text Messaging Prices

By The Instant Church Directory Team | May 7, 2020

Simple and affordable. That’s been our motto all along. But we realized our text plans weren’t quite as simple as they could be. So we made an update to simplify […]

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4579 Icd Blog Hero Image

Is it time for a check?

By The Instant Church Directory Team | May 1, 2020

It’s been more than a month now that we’ve been gathering around smartphones and computer screens instead of in sanctuaries and meeting rooms due to Covid-19. We are all operating […]

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Small Group Video Options For Churches

Small Group Video Options

By Kristen Greene | April 17, 2020

One of the hardest parts of staying safe at home during Covid-19 is not being with friends and fellow believers at church. We miss seeing each other’s faces and hugging […]

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6686 Stay Connected Photo With Man With Smartphone And Computer

How to Stay Connected with Your Church Members

By Donna Hammond | April 1, 2020

We’ve seen creative and unique ways that the church is bringing people together for worship and fellowship. We think sharing those ideas is important for all of us to see how the church is persevering when […]

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