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Ideas for Celebrating Your Church’s Anniversary on Your Church Directory Cover

By Kristen Greene | January 13, 2020

A church’s anniversary is something to be celebrated! It’s a fun and exciting time to reflect on your church’s history and to celebrate God’s grace and the hand God had […]

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Blog Post Dec 2019 600x301

December 2019 Release Notes

By The Instant Church Directory Team | December 5, 2019

Now members can submit a suggested update to their address, photo, email or phone for church approval right from the online directory (apps coming soon)!  Learn how to approve these […]

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4574 ICD Blog Post

Listing Ministries or Groups in your Church Directory.

By Kristen Greene | November 26, 2019

As a new member of a church — or even for a member who has been attending for a while but wants to get more involved — it’s sometimes hard […]

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Young woman holding phone with Staff page from Instant Church Directory

Help Your Members Access Your Directory with Electronic Devices.

By Donna Hammond | October 16, 2019

Now that you have your directory ready to share with your congregation, you may be wondering how to educate your members about accessing the directory using electronic devices, such as smart […]

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Instant Church Directory Release Notes September 2019

October 2019 Release Notes

By The Instant Church Directory Team | October 2, 2019

Fall has arrived, and so will a few more email notifications! You will now receive an email notification when members submit photos. Plus the latest app version includes the ability […]

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Add Special Event Calendars And Other Custom Pages To Your Church Directory

Add Special Event Calendars And Other Custom Pages To Your Directory

By Kristen Greene | August 29, 2019

In our previous blog post, Share your church’s story in your directory, we talked about including your church’s history in your directory. History provides those who read it with a […]

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Inclement Weather Poicy

Sharing Your Church’s Emergency or Inclement Weather Policy.

By Kristen Greene | July 26, 2019

No matter where your church is located, weather often plays a factor in our lives. If you’re used to extreme weather, your church may already have a weather policy. But […]

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Arches Architecture Building

Share your church’s story in your directory.

By Kristen Greene | June 24, 2019

Your church’s history is a story that tells about where it’s been and what it has overcome. By including your church history in your directory, you provide those who read […]

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Instant Church Directory June 2019 Release Notes

June 2019 Release Notes

By The Instant Church Directory Team | June 19, 2019

Multiple Editors + Check Who’s Using the App! This month we bring you the ability to add 3 additional Editors to your account.  Plus, check out who’s been logging into […]

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Directory Team

Build a Directory Team

By The Instant Church Directory Team | June 11, 2019

So, you’ve been handed the job title of “directory administrator.” The job at hand can feel daunting and overwhelming, especially if you feel all the responsibility lies on your shoulders. […]

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May Release Note Featuring Staff Improvements

May 2019 Release Notes

By The Instant Church Directory Team | May 23, 2019

With the arrival of summer, we’re excited to announce the following updates we’ve released and are coming your way — check ’em out below.  —  Improved Staff Pages — RELEASED: […]

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Creating A Bulletin Flyer To Advertise Your Church Directory

Creating a Flyer to Advertise Your Online Church Directory

By Kristen Greene | May 3, 2019

If you’ve volunteered to coordinate putting together a church directory, you have a big job on your hands! One of those jobs will be communicating important information about the directory to your church family.  One […]

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Using Your Church Directory As A Prayer List

Using Your Church Directory As A Prayer List

By Kristen Greene | February 28, 2019

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working. JAMES 5:16, ESV Praying for one another is a wonderful […]

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Using A Church Directory Information Form For New And Existing Members

Using a Church Directory Information Form for New and Existing Members

By Melanie Koenig | February 5, 2019

Your church is growing and that it a good thing. But the next question is how to get the new members plugged in to your church and its culture. New […]

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Woman Using Smartphone Cyber Security Network

Security Concerns with an Online Church Directory

By Melanie Koenig | December 6, 2018

Updated March 16, 2021 Since originally posting this blog post at the end of 2018, the need for a safe and secure church directory program has not decreased. If anything, […]

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How To Choose The Perfect Photo Backdrop

How to choose the perfect photo backdrop

By Melanie Koenig | November 15, 2018

When photographing your members for a church directory, one of the biggest decisions your photographer will make is choosing the right backdrop for the photos. Your directory makes a statement about your church; and one of […]

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Getting Your Members To Smile For Your Directory Photos

Getting your members to smile for your Directory Photos

By John Burns | October 9, 2018

“It’s hard not to feel happy when you make someone smile.”   Roy T. Bennett So, what’s the trick to making someone smile? More specifically, how do you get church members to smile when you’re photographing […]

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Church Directory Creating A Relaxed Environment For Photos

Create a Relaxed Atmosphere for Your Members’ Photos

By Melanie Koenig | October 8, 2018

Taking a family photo can be stressful. We all love a beautiful photo of ourselves or our family, but not many of us enjoy the process of having our photograph taken. […]

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How to Advertise Your Church Directory

By Melanie Koenig | September 6, 2018

Building a church directory naturally creates excitement within a church, but it also requires a lot of communication with your congregation. One of the most common questions asked is “How can we effectively publicize the directory and pass […]

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What’s next for Instant Church Directory

By Kristen Greene | August 28, 2018

One of the questions we often hear at Instant Church Directory is “When will you be adding this feature?” We love hearing feedback from our members and there are so […]

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