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Tips for talking to your church about moving to an online directory.

By Donna Hammond | June 4, 2021
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Now more than ever, having accurate and handy contact information for your church members is imperative. We’ve seen how online […]

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2021 Directory Cover Design Contest Winners

By The Instant Church Directory Team | February 25, 2021
Winning Instant Church Directory Cover Design

We recently asked members to submit their beautiful church directory covers for a chance to win a free year of […]

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Our Best Church Directory Ideas

By Donna Hammond | January 25, 2021
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The internet provides a plethora of church directory ideas. A quick search on Pinterest alone will return quite a few […]

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Adding Maps or Diagrams to Your Church Directory

By The Instant Church Directory Team | November 30, 2020
Add Maps Diagrams To Your Church Directory

Even in a world of GPS and smartphones, a printed map is still an invaluable tool for your church. Although GPS may get […]

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Using Groups in Your Church Directory

By Donna Hammond | October 22, 2020
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A church body is more than just a single organization. The church body is often made up of smaller organizations […]

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Creating a Church Directory Template

By Donna Hammond | September 18, 2020
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Do you think that you need to create a church directory template in order to make a directory for your […]

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5 Signs Your Church Directory Needs Updating

By John Burns | August 27, 2020
5 Signs Your Church Directory Needs Updating

It doesn’t take long for a printed church directory to get out of date. Despite the notion that congregations are […]

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Benefits of an online church directory for small churches (and their budgets).

By Kristen Greene | August 17, 2020
Benefits Of An Online Church Directory For Small Church Budgets

Many church organizations print and distribute a church member directory, which contains at least names, addresses and phone numbers of […]

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10 Tips for Getting Your Members Ready for Directory Photos

By Kristen Greene | June 23, 2020
Tips For Getting Members Ready For Church Directory Photos

The faces of the church members captured in photos are the highlight of any church directory. One of the biggest […]

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Creating a Printed Church Directory

By Donna Hammond | May 14, 2020
Instant Church Directory Printed Samples

Even in a world full of electronic devices, some of your members may still enjoy holding a paper directory in […]

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