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Directory Team

Build a Directory Team

So, you've been handed the job title of "directory administrator." The job at hand can feel daunting and ...
Arches Architecture Building

Share your church’s story in your directory.

Your church’s history is a story that tells about where it’s been and what it has overcome. By ...
Instant Church Directory June 2019 Release Notes

June Release Notes

Multiple Editors + Check Who's Using the App! This month we bring you the ability to add 3 ...
Inclement Weather Poicy

Sharing Your Church’s Emergency or Inclement Weather Policy.

No matter where your church is located, weather often plays ...

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Instant Church Directory is the simple and fun way to create a Church Directory in just minutes.

Mobile Apps
Your members can sync your church's directory right to an iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Android device or Kindle Fire!
Members can search for a family or member, and then email, call or text — right from their device. Plus, any change you make to the online directory is immediately synced with their device.

Email and Text Messages
Send a quick email message from your desktop or mobile device to your entire directory - or selected group(s) within your directory - without having to look up a single email address - For Free! Add a text plan for as little as $3.99 a month.

Pricing Made Simple
Instant Church Directory offers convenient monthly or yearly pricing, with no contracts. There are no pricing tiers, it's the same price no matter what the size of your directory. And your members won't pay a dime to access your directory.

High-Quality Paper Directory
In addition to our online viewing, we offer many features for a paper directory. You can create high-quality PDFs in Color or Black and White. Additionally, you can print in a variety of page layouts and even insert custom pages.