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Ways to Honor the Deceased in Your Church Directory

By The Instant Church Directory Team | June 14, 2024

Unfortunately, death is a part of life and a part of life in the church. It is important to show sensitivity to surviving family members yet honor the deceased when keeping their memory alive. A church […]

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Instant Church Directory Photographer

6 Tips for Taking Professional Church Directory Photos

By Kristen Greene | February 6, 2024

One downside of creating your own church directory or using do-it-yourself church directory software is having to take your own photos of church members. None of us want to end […]

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Why your church should consider a church directory

Why Your Church Should Consider Having a Church Directory 

By Stephanie Martin | December 7, 2023

With all the communications and media options available these days, maybe you’re wondering why your church should consider having a church directory. Your congregation might be leaving behind the format […]

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Photo image of a template on a desktop

Creating a Church Directory Template

By The Instant Church Directory Team | November 9, 2023

Creating a comprehensive church directory is a project that comes with great responsibility and a desire for precision. With online membership directory programs, you can take advantage of professionally designed […]

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Icd Fall 2023 Release Notes Customization

Fall 2023 Release Notes: Customize Your Directory

By The Instant Church Directory Team | July 20, 2023

Want to customize your church directory to better reflect your church? Then this update is for you! Check out these exciting customization features now available. LIVE: Custom Labels for “Families” […]

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Tips for Using Cell Phones for Church Directory Photos

By The Instant Church Directory Team | July 10, 2023

Let the phone do the work! This is the first thing a professional photographer said when we asked about using smartphones to take church directory photos. Phones can do a […]

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Create a Privacy Policy for Your Church Directory

By The Instant Church Directory Team | May 11, 2023

In today’s world, protecting personal information is a big deal. More and more people are aware of how important it is to keep their personal information safe, and they expect […]

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Small church directory benefits with online directory software

Benefits of Church Directory Software for a Small Church Directory

By The Instant Church Directory Team | March 31, 2023

Many church organizations print and distribute a church member directory, which contains contact information with at least names, addresses and phone numbers of members of your church congregation. Most of […]

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Image of a rocket ship launching from a laptop

Spring 2023 Release Notes

By The Instant Church Directory Team | March 28, 2023

This month’s release is all about bringing a more secure directory to you (and your members). Read about the changes below … RELEASED: Increased PDF Security We’ve recently made an […]

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Instant Church Directory Blog Alert For Church Directory Admins Hero Image

Scammers Are Targeting Directory Admins!

By The Instant Church Directory Team | January 5, 2023

Be on guard for scammers who request access to membership directories so they can harvest the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) to spam or scam church members. These individuals claim to […]

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Church Directory Missing Photo Image

How To Display Missing Photos In Your Church Directory

By Melanie Koenig | October 31, 2022

Congratulations! Your directory is almost complete, and your church is very excited to see the finished product. But one nagging issue remains—families or individuals without a photo in the directory. This can be a continuing issue because church memberships are constantly changing. […]

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Instant Church Directory Printed vs Online Church Directory

Pros and Cons of a Traditional Printed Church Member Directory vs. an Online Church Directory.

By Kristen Greene | August 15, 2022

When creating your next church photo directory, a question you may have is should your church continue with a traditional printed photo directory or make the switch to an online […]

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Church Directory recruitment tips

Tips for Recruiting Church Directory Volunteers 

By Stephanie Martin | July 8, 2022

Pastors and administrators are key to every congregation, but even they readily admit that volunteers keep the church running. From greeting visitors and teaching children to tracking budgets and planning […]

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Create A Pastor Letter In Your Church Directory Revised

5 Tips for Writing the Pastor’s Letter for Your Directory

By Timothy Merrill | April 15, 2022

Let’s say a staff person in the church office has been tasked with producing your church’s version of your directory. Five minutes ago, she popped her head into the office […]

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Instant Church Directory Sharing Options

Tips for Rolling Out Your Church Directory to Your Members

By The Instant Church Directory Team | March 10, 2022

Your online church directory has been built, and you are almost ready to publish and share it with your church family. You may be asking yourself how you get it […]

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Church Management Software Or Church Directory Program Hero Image

Church Management Software VS. Church Directory Program

By Stephanie Martin | February 17, 2022

No matter a congregation’s size, organization and communication are key for keeping every church body running smoothly. From membership and fellowship to finances and registration forms, management know-how is essential […]

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Icd Blog Oct2021 Release Notes Envelopes

October-November 2021 Release Notes: Updates to Broadcast News Email Results

By The Instant Church Directory Team | November 9, 2021

This month’s release doesn’t bring a new or updated feature. But it’s an important update we need to make to maintain email reputations and ensure that your emails and texts […]

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Hero image of four color directories fanned out on a table

Using Images on Your Church Photo Directory Cover

By Stephanie Martin | November 1, 2021

The cover of a photo directory is prime real estate. In other words, it offers your church a high-visibility opportunity to showcase itself and to share key information. The cornerstone of every cover is a photo (or […]

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6694 Icd Blog Image

Honoring a Deceased Pastor in Your Church Directory

By Henry G. Brinton | September 24, 2021

Honoring a deceased pastor can be done through a variety of channels: newsletters, emails, social media posts, websites and online church directories. Such messages play an important role in the faith life of a […]

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Icd Rocket September

September 2021 Release Notes: Group Leaders & Descriptions, Private Family Addresses, and more!

By The Instant Church Directory Team | September 2, 2021

There are so many new features — big and small — in this release, we can hardly contain our excitement! See what the team has cooked up in our latest […]

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