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June Release Notes

By The Instant Church Directory Team | June 19, 2019
Instant Church Directory June 2019 Release Notes

Multiple Editors + Check Who’s Using the App! This month we bring you the ability to add 3 additional Editors […]

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May Release Notes

By The Instant Church Directory Team | May 23, 2019
May Release Note Featuring Staff Improvements

With the arrival of summer, we’re excited to announce the following updates we’ve released and are coming your way — […]

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Security Concerns with an Online Church Directory

By Melanie Koenig | December 6, 2018
Woman Using Smartphone Cyber Security Network

Online directory programs are a great tool for your church. They make connecting with members easy. But because member information […]

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What’s next for Instant Church Directory

By Kristen Greene | August 28, 2018

One of the questions we often hear at Instant Church Directory is “When will you be adding this feature?” We […]

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Choosing a Printer for Your Traditional Directory

By Melanie Koenig | July 11, 2018
Print Your Online Church Directroy

You have been charged with the task of printing your online directory. Naturally, the first place to go for information […]

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How to Print Your Church Directory Economically

By Melanie Koenig | July 1, 2018

You have decided who is going to print your directory, have received a quote and realized quickly that printing is […]

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Ways to Help Pay for Your Online Church Directory

By Kristen Greene | June 29, 2018

So, you might like the idea of an online church member directory versus a traditional printed directory, but one thing […]

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How to Choose a Directory Program

By Melanie Koenig | May 5, 2018
Instant Church Directory Online Directory Resources

After learning that your church wants to put together a church directory, you go to the computer, thinking this will […]

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6 Tips for Taking Professional Church Directory Photos

By Kristen Greene | April 21, 2018
Instant Church Directory Photographer

One downside of creating your own church directory or using a do-it-yourself church directory software is having to take your […]

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