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The internet provides a plethora of church directory ideas. A quick search on Pinterest alone will return quite a few clever solutions for creating a church directory. You will see church directory ideas ranging from how to build your own, to building one using various software programs, to ideas regarding what you could include in your church directory. It can all seem overwhelming and confusing — where to start?

Whether you’re starting to think about the value of a directory for your church, or you have already created one and are now simply maintaining a church directory, ideas on how to make a useful and appealing church directory are always helpful. In this blog, we’ve compiled a listing of helpful articles that we think highlight some of our best church directory ideas for anyone at any stage of the process. 

Church Directory Ideas for Getting Started

Using out-of-the-box directory programs, such as Instant Church Directory, can easily provide all the church directory ideas you could want. These programs provide the tools to make your church directory a reality within a framework yet provide options to customize your directory in the way that you need. With the right resources, you can realistically create a church directory that could be up and running in hours, not months. We recommend these articles if you’re looking for church directory ideas about the benefits of starting a new church directory. 

Six Reasons to Create a Church Directory
Choosing an Online Directory Program
Talking to Your Church About an Online Directory
Benefits of an Online Directory for Small Churches and Budgets
Creating a Church Member Directory

Church Directory Ideas for Maintaining Your Directory

You may be well on your way with your directory process and are now maintaining your directory. If you are looking for some church directory ideas to enhance it, these articles share some ideas and advice. They offer ideas from building a church directory team that shares responsibility for creating and managing your directory, to adding relevant information about your church and your members.

Listing Ministries or Groups in Your Directory
Share Your Church’s Story in Your Directory
Build a Directory Team
Adding Maps or Diagrams to Your Church Directory
Church Directory Ideas for Templates
How to Build a Phone Tree

Other Useful Resources 

These articles highlight more church directory ideas that offer practical guidance no matter where you are in the process of creating a church directory. 

6 Tips for Taking Professional-Looking Photos
Choose the Perfect Backdrop for Your Church Photos
Security Concerns with an Online Directory Program
How to Print Your Directory Economically
How to Help Pay for Your Online Directory 

These are just a few of the available articles here on our blog. We encourage you to look around for more church directory ideas to make your directory a valuable tool in the life of your church and its members. If you have questions or would like more information, just send us an email at Service@InstantChurchDirectory.com. We will be happy to answer your questions!

To learn more, view a sample directory or start a 30 day FREE trial, visit InstantChurchDirectory.com.

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