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Honoring a Deceased Pastor in Your Church Directory

By Henry G. Brinton | September 24, 2021
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Honoring a deceased pastor can be done through a variety of channels: newsletters, emails, social media posts, websites and online church directories. Such […]

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How to Build a Phone Tree

By Donna Hammond | April 28, 2021
Church phone tree diagram

Having a church directory is a great way to enable your church community members to easily communicate with each other. […]

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Don’t Take the Bait: Watch Out for “Whaling” Scams

By The Instant Church Directory Team | March 16, 2021
Scam Alert

For the past few years, churches and pastors have been the target of scammers who try to take advantage of […]

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Staying Connected During Difficult Times

By The Instant Church Directory Team | January 30, 2021
Stay Connected During Difficult Times

We’ve learned an important lesson: The Church is people, not a building! Henry G. Brinton When we originally posted this […]

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FREE Christmas Cards to Spread Christmas Cheer

By The Instant Church Directory Team | December 10, 2020
Christmas Watercolor Scripture Cards For Churches

We, at Instant Church Directory, are pleased to share with our blog readers a special gift for the Christmas season […]

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Is it time for a check?

By The Instant Church Directory Team | May 1, 2020
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It’s been more than a month now that we’ve been gathering around smartphones and computer screens instead of in sanctuaries […]

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Small Group Video Options

By Kristen Greene | April 17, 2020
Small Group Video Options For Churches

One of the hardest parts of staying safe at home during Covid-19 is not being with friends and fellow believers […]

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How to Stay Connected with Your Church Members

By Donna Hammond | April 1, 2020
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We’ve seen creative and unique ways that the church is bringing people together for worship and fellowship. We think sharing those ideas is important for […]

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6 Reasons to Create a Church Directory

By Stephanie Martin | February 14, 2020
6 Reasons to Create a Church Photo Directory

Though printed materials have been falling out of favor with churches in this digital age, a photo directory has never […]

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Ideas for Celebrating Your Church’s Anniversary on Your Church Directory Cover

By Kristen Greene | January 13, 2020

A church’s anniversary is something to be celebrated! It’s a fun and exciting time to reflect on your church’s history […]

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