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Building a church directory naturally creates excitement within a church, but it also requires a lot of communication with your congregation. One of the most common questions asked is “How can we effectively publicize the directory and pass on the information to our member?”  Instant Church Directory is here to assist you every step of the way. We have the tools and a proven plan to help you inform your congregation about your upcoming church directory. 

Here are some ways to effectively advertise and introduce the directory to your congregation.  

Worship Announcements 

A brief announcement on the projector (overhead) screen before a service is a great way to capture the congregation’s attention instantly. Be sure and keep your directory announcements brief as they may be combined with other announcements. Use the projector screen to direct your members to their bulletin or newsletter for further details. (e.g.: Church Directory Pictures This Saturday! See today’s bulletin for more details!) 

Church Bulletins 

One of the easiest places to “advertise” is your church’s worship bulletin. It is easy to add an announcement for upcoming directory events, and bulletins are read by most members each Sunday morning. Because there may be new information to pass along each week, consider dedicating a space in the bulletin each week to track the progress of the church directory. Make sure the directory information is positioned in the same location in each weekly bulletin so that members will know where to look.  

Your congregation can follow along as you announce what is coming, when and where you are taking pictures, and dates for when it will be launched to the congregation. The bulletin is also a great place to remind members to pick up their printed copy of the directory after the directory is published. 

Remember, bulletins are often handed out by greeters and ushers. Utilize these servants to help point out these directory announcements to those who may need a little extra assistance to be up-to-date on the latest information and developments.  

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Church Newsletters 

More detailed information can be shared in your church’s weekly or monthly newsletter.  The newsletter is a great place to get into the nitty-gritty details of the directory. Announce upcoming picture dates and details. As you get ready to launch to your congregation, add detailed instructions for downloading and accessing the mobile apps and online access. The great news is that Instant Church Directory provides you with newsletter and bulletin announcement templates. You can even customize these with your church’s logo.  Simply go to and click on the “TOOLS” tab.  

Church Website 

The church’s website is probably the most effective way to get detailed login information into your member’s hands. Instant Church Directory provides step-by-step login instructions for the iPhone/iPad, Android/Kindle, and online member website. In fact, these instructions come with screenshots of the login process! These are located at Copy and paste the instruction PDF links into your church’s website or copy and paste the tools page link directly into your website.  Once your members are on the tools page, they can click through the links to view the login instructions themselves.  


One thing to consider is that mobile apps and online access could be new technology that is very unfamiliar to some members of your congregation. For these members who need more assistance, consider a buddy for them. Pair them with someone from the youth group or a volunteer to get them up and running on their mobile device or desktop computer. One church has shared with us that they use these times to not only help these members access the directory but also as a time to “check in” on these congregants for other needs they may have as well.  

Communicating to your congregation about the directory can seem a bit overwhelming, but it can also be fun. Make sure that everyone has access to the information. We would love to hear how you advertised the directory to your congregation!  

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