How to Stay Connected with Your Church Members

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We’ve seen creative and unique ways that the church is bringing people together for worship and fellowship. We think sharing those ideas is important for all of us to see how the church is persevering when the ability to meet in person isn’t currently an option. 

Virtual Meetings

Churches are utilizing video capabilities for their small group gatherings now more than ever before. We’ve reviewed and discussed various tools that are available that churches can use for that purpose in this blog post: Small Group Video Options


Using the tried-and-true tool of simply emailing your members is often the easiest and fastest way to get messages out — whether it’s schedule changes or “check-ins,” most members have easy access to email and are comfortable with the medium. If your church directory program has the feature to send messages via email to your congregation, don’t forget to employ this option. Instant Church Directory provides a quick messaging service that allows for any type of email message — whether it’s a personal message or a “blast” announcement that’s applicable to everyone. 

Text Messaging

Many members may have access to text messaging. You can utilize text messaging in various ways. By creating a phone tree, you can assign various church members as “leaders” who will take on the task of reaching out to a smaller number of members — either by call or text. We have an excellent blog post about creating a phone tree. You can read more about it here.

Whether you text your members or call them, the result is the same — they are hearing from their church and creating a connection. What you say isn’t so much the point, but that you are continuing to reach out to your church members to check on their well-being. If your church directory program has an app, you may be able to call or text directly from the app, OR, if your church has a text messaging program, take this opportunity to set up regular text messaging “blasts.” These texts can include prayer requests, praise reports, virtual meeting times, reminders for online worship schedules and more. 

Social Media and Church Website

If your church has a website or social media page, don’t forget to update it regularly with motivational messages, devotionals and announcements. Members want to be kept informed and want to see how others in the congregation are doing. We’ve seen churches using social media to share videos of church staff providing daily devotionals, encouraging small groups to gather virtually and reminding members of how to access a church’s online worship sites. These video tutorials are important for those who may not know where to find your church’s online worship tools. 

Free Resources

Our sister publication, ChurchArt Pro, has created free resource templates you can immediately download as a way to help your church members stay connected. To read more and start downloading click here.

If you have other ideas for communicating regularly with your members during this time, we’d love to hear them and then be able to share them with our blog readers. Send your ideas to We pray for your continued safety and well-being during this time. 

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