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One of the questions we often hear at Instant Church Directory is “When will you be adding this feature?” We love hearing feedback from our members and there are so many creative and insightful emails we receive, but sometimes we can’t always guarantee a feature will be picked up.

So how do we decide what features we pick up or not? Read on to learn more about our process.

Who we are.

Since launching Instant Church Directory in 2006, it has been the vision of founder Dr. Robert Fisher to provide the simplest, quickest and most cost-effective way to produce a church directory so that churches of all sizes can enjoy its benefits. By staying current with ever-changing technology, the program has evolved from the first-released CD version to an online program that includes mobile apps and more. Since its beginning a dozen years ago, Instant Church Directory has grown to serve customers worldwide.

Designing with our core values and you in mind.

We believe in simplicity over complexity. We take pride in our work. And we’ll continually strive to add improvements to the software. But we will never rush to release the latest and loudest trends at the expense of our core values. Simplicity, quality and cost-effectiveness are the driving factors behind what we produce. We will always champion improvements that will benefit the most customers without adding unnecessary costs and complexity.

We are here to support you every step of the way.

Your directory is unique and reflects your congregation. We get excited watching you build your directory and often ask to see the finished product. With easy-to-follow tools, tutorials and an extensive FAQ section, most of your questions are easily answered online. But if you need us, we are here to walk you through the process, from building the directory to distributing it to your congregation.

We also love to offer tips and resources on how to make your directory not only a true reflection of your church but also a powerful communication tool. Our best ideas have come from you, and we love communicating with you. In fact, we will probably ask you if we can share some of your ideas with other churches.

Although we may not have all the complicated bells and whistles that other directory programs try to sell you, we believe we are the best directory program on the market that truly serves your church.

Our Roadmap.

Here is a quick look at what’s up next (in no particular order):

  • Better Group Management for Administrators
  • Update sites to allow members to update or submit their own information/changes
  • Update interface to allow for multiple administrators
  • In-app notification systems for members and admins

Keep in mind, this roadmap is constantly changing!

Join the family.

You will quickly find that even though we are a small company, we are a family that will continue to follow our core values to be your church directory solution.

We offer a 30-day FREE trial so you can see for yourself how Instant Church Directory can meet your needs.

Take advantage of this trial by visiting InstantChurchDirectory.com. We look forward to welcoming you to the Instant Church Directory family!

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Kristen Greene

Kristen Greene is the Creative Director of Communication Resources, Inc. Being the daughter of a Publisher and active Church Leader, she grew up in the Church Publishing Industry. She has also been involved in multiple church roles and non-profit events – which makes solving real church and volunteer problems near and dear to her heart. Kristen enjoys painting with her “herd” of animals and camping with her husband.

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