June 2020 Release Notes: New Features for Broadcast News

Church Directory Release Notes New Features To Send Emails

Check out these great new features and changes to Broadcast News!

View Quick Message by Drafts, Scheduled and Sent

At the bottom of your Broadcast and Send News screen you will now see tabs for Drafts, Scheduled and Sent.

Simply click on each tab to view which Quick Messages are in Drafts, have been Scheduled to be sent (and at what time), and your previously Sent messages.

View Drafts Scheduled Sent News
View Drafts Scheduled Sent News

Quick Message Edit Features

Now you can bold or italic text, change your font color or add a link to your quick messages.

If you wish to send an attachment, now you can add your attachment to your Dropbox or Google Drive account and attach the link to your email for members to click on and download.

Instant Church Directory Broadcast News Example
Bold, italicize or add color to your text.
Plus, add a link to your message!

NOW AVAILABLE: Messages display in your Time Zone

Without changing any settings on your end, your messages will show in your current time zone set on your computer

No more having to do mental math time conversions!

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