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Pros & Cons of Online Directory Services

By Stephanie Martin | March 13, 2020
Pros & Cons of Online Directory Services

When choosing an online photo directory program, several factors come into play. Top characteristics include security, cost, user-friendliness, the ability […]

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6 Reasons to Create a Church Directory

By Stephanie Martin | February 14, 2020
6 Reasons to Create a Church Photo Directory

Though printed materials have been falling out of favor with churches in this digital age, a photo directory has never […]

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Build a Directory Team

By The Instant Church Directory Team | June 11, 2019
Directory Team

So, you’ve been handed the job title of “directory administrator.” The job at hand can feel daunting and overwhelming, especially […]

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How to choose the perfect photo backdrop

By Melanie Koenig | November 15, 2018
How To Choose The Perfect Photo Backdrop

When photographing your members for a church directory, one of the biggest decisions your photographer will make is choosing the right backdrop for the […]

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Getting your members to smile for your Directory Photos

By John Burns | October 9, 2018
Getting Your Members To Smile For Your Directory Photos

“It’s hard not to feel happy when you make someone smile.”   Roy T. Bennett So, what’s the trick to making someone smile? More […]

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Create a Relaxed Atmosphere for Your Members’ Photos

By Melanie Koenig | October 8, 2018
Church Directory Creating A Relaxed Environment For Photos

Taking a family photo can be stressful. We all love a beautiful photo of ourselves or our family, but not many […]

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Making Sure Your Church’s Personality is Reflected in Your Directory

By Melanie Koenig | August 17, 2018

Why is this important? The directory is all about making connections for members and visitors. Members will be able to […]

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Creating a Church Member Directory

By Kristen Greene | May 1, 2018
Instant Church Directory Blog Software

Whether you’re starting from scratch creating your church’s next photo member directory – or you’re just getting ready to update […]

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Pros and Cons of a Traditional Printed Church Member Directory vs. an Online Church Directory.

By Kristen Greene | April 27, 2018
Instant Church Directory Printed vs Online Church Directory

When creating your next Church Photo Directory, one question you may have is should your church continue with a Traditional […]

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