May 2020 Release Notes: Changes to Text Messaging Prices

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Simple and affordable. That’s been our motto all along. But we realized our text plans weren’t quite as simple as they could be. So we made an update to simplify the price of texting using Instant Church Directory!

Improvements to our Text Messaging prices.

In the past, we had text messaging plans where you pay a standard monthly fee based on your membership and how many texts you “think” you’ll send in a month. As of May 7th, 2020, we have made the switch to a “pay-as-you-go” style plan, where you’ll only need to purchase “credits” when you want to send a text message. No more monthly set fees.

Each credit is a text message to a unique phone number sent thru Broadcast News (Step 8 in your Instant Church Directory program). So, if you plan to send a text message to 100 phone numbers using Broadcast News, that would be 100 credits.

Oh, that feels so much better to be that simple!

Here is a pricing chart of what texting credits cost.

We tried to keep the cost equal to what you were previously paying for the monthly plan. (We’d like these to be cheaper, but texting is quite expensive.)

You can buy credits at any time, and the credits you purchase don’t expire, so there is no time limit to use all your credits. If you don’t use them in one month, they’ll be waiting for you the next month.

Costs for purchasing credits:

Price Chart

The chart above shows you what you’ll pay for various quantities of credits. If you need 200 credits to send a total of 200 text messages, you’ll pay $5.00 for those credits; if you need 2,500 credits to send 2,500 text messages, you’ll pay $45.00 for those credits, and so on.

How the switch worked for existing text messaging customers.

When we made the switch on May 7th, 2020, we took the last credit card payment made and transferred credits to you. You now have a credit balance for you to use.

You will be able to use these credits anytime you want with no restriction, and they will not expire. Going forward, you can purchase more credits as you need them. You’ll be able to either charge the credit card on file or make a one-time payment with your credit card of choice whenever you need to purchase more credits.

You can see your credits by going to My Account >> Text Message Credits.

If you have any questions or concerns about the new way texting is charged, you can click Contact Us from the website or send us an email at

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